Your Pension money


MAY belong to your Employer…



Will your Pension plan provide a comfortable retirement?

The Pension Paradigm mission

  • Educate all Canadians on recapturing their money power.

The Pension Paradigm purpose is to …

  • simplify the complex subject of pensions, by helping maximize the benefits of existing pensions, provide wealth creation strategies, create new streams of retirement income, and increase your net worth and move as much income and assets into the Tax Freedom Zone.
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Readers of Pension Paradigm, 2nd Edition, will get to implement strategies to…

  • save $100,000’s in taxes
  • uncover $1,000’s owed from previous employers
  • earn tax efficient income
  • shift $100,000’s back to your control
  • switch from earned income to capital growth
  • A lot more!

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